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  • My Trip to Italy – 2015 - Hey everyone! Today I wanted to talk about my family trip to Italy. In 2015, we packed our bags and traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to Italy. This trip was so memorable because it was my first time in Europe and although I was only 15, I remember almost everything about this vacation. (All of […]
  • My First Cruise/Trip to Alaska – 2019 - This past summer, my family went on a cruise to Alaska. It was our first cruise so we didn’t really know what to expect. Today I wanted to share my first cruise experience with you, and talk a bit about the highlights of our trip! In June, my family and I packed our bags and […]
  • Cruise Do’s and Don’ts - This past Summer, I went on a cruise to Alaska with my family. I’m definitely not a cruise expert (it was only my first cruise) but I discovered certain things about cruising that may be useful to you or someone you know! DO: order an appetizer and a dessert (if it’s included, you might as […]