My January Ipsy Glam Bag

Hey everyone! I normally start out my ipsy posts by saying “I can’t believe how fast the month flew by” but honestly, January always seems to go by so slowly! It’s safe to say that I am ready for February, but first, I have to share this month’s ipsy glam bag with you all! If you are familiar with my ipsy posts, you already know what’s ahead, but if not, today I will be sharing and reviewing the products I received!

This month, Ipsy encouraged its members to dream, and to dream big! I like that this was the theme to start off the new year because it is a positive and uplifting message! Although I liked the theme, I did not really care for the design on the bag. It is see-through and it has the word “dream” all over it. When rating my overall bag, I gave it 3/5 stars. I only cared for a couple of the products I received, but for the most part, it wasn’t my favorite bag.

Inside the bag:

  • Foxybae – 12-in-1 Magic Daily Leave In Hair Mask (my pick)

I love using different hair masks, and I have actually tried one by this brand before and loved it! The mask smells so good, and I used it after washing my hair a few times. This product is meant to strengthen hair, prevent breakage, fight frizz, and make your hair shine. I wouldn’t say I noticed any major differences, but I do think that it made my hair a bit softer. I also felt that my hair was not as frizzy as it normally is. I am going to continue using this hair mask, but for now I will rate it 3/5 stars.

  • Glow on 5th – HYDRATE + RENEW Replenishing Night Cream

I am always a bit hesitant to try new skincare products because of my acne prone skin. I used this product a few nights in a row to see how I liked it. The cream is actually pretty thick on the skin. I did not like this because when I apply skincare, I like it to feel light and almost weightless. This product didn’t have much of a scent, which was good, but overall this night cream didn’t impress me. I would say that my skin did feel hydrated, but because of the consistency of the cream, I didn’t think it would work for me. Maybe I can try it out a few more times, but I don’t think I will be reaching for it very often. I would rate this 2/5 stars.

  • Sugar Cosmetics – Matte As Hell Lip Crayon in Stephanie Plum

I own another lip crayon by Sugar Cosmetics and I love it! I was pleased to see that this was in my bag, however the color is not something I would go for very often. It is the perfect shade for fall and winter, and while it is very bold and beautiful, I enjoy wearing pinks and nudes more. The product is very creamy and so easy to apply! I would say that although it is matte, it doesn’t dry out my lips, however it is quite easy to smudge. I would rate this 4/5 stars.

  • Uoma – Drama Bomb Extreme Volume Mascara in Black

I absolutely love trying out new mascaras, and I had never heard of this brand before, so I was hopeful. The shape of the wand is not exactly my favorite, but I went along and applied a couple coats of this mascara. The product is meant to make your lashes full and fluttery. It did not do the best job of separating or lengthening my lashes. It was just so-so. It is a decent mascara for very casual makeup looks, but I love the look of long and voluminous lashes. I rated this 3/5 stars.

  • YC Collection – Let Me First Primer – Mini

I didn’t really need another primer, but I tried it out anyway. This product felt light and hydrating, and it seemed like a very nice base for my foundation. I like having a few different primers so that there is something for my foundation to stick to, and so that my makeup is long-lasting. I only used this product a couple times this month, but I would rate it 4/5 stars.

Thank you all so much for reading today’s beauty blog post! I would love to know what you received in your January glam bag in a comment below! Check out my Instagram @sacchere14, to see a video I created using each product I received!

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Review: Maybelline City Mini Palette + Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hey beauty lovers! I recently purchased some new makeup items that I had never tried before, and I wanted to share one of them with you today! I am a big lover of makeup, and I can confidently say that Maybelline is my favorite drugstore brand. I love Maybelline because it is an affordable brand that is always releasing new beauty products, and I would say that most of their products are made with great quality for the price! I mostly purchase the mascaras, and I would say that the “Lash Sensational Curvitude” and the “Falsies Lash Lift” mascaras are my favorites! I’ve heard great things about the new “Sky High” mascara, so I am hoping to try it out soon!  Today, however, I will be reviewing the Maybelline “City Mini Palette” in ”Chill Brunch Neutrals”. I am also sharing an eye makeup tutorial to go along with it!

This product has been around for a few years now, but I finally decided to purchase it. I found it at my local Target for $7.59, however you can buy these palettes from Amazon, the drugstore, or even the Maybelline website itself! The prices can vary slightly, but you’re going to pay about $8 for it. There are many different options when it comes to the City Mini Palette, so I did have trouble deciding on which one I wanted to buy! I loved that the names all related to New York City! For example, there was “Downtown Sunrise”, “Matte About Town”, and “Rooftop Bronzes”. There are palettes with neutral shades or bright shades, shimmers or mattes, and some even have a combination!

I ultimately chose the “Chill Brunch Neutrals” palette! I decided to go with this one in particular because it seemed to have the perfect mix of matte and shimmer shades, and the colors are absolutely stunning! While anyone can rock these colors, I do think that they would look perfect on people with brown eyes! I liked that this palette included colors that I may not always wear, such as the plum purple and the light pink. I also really like that this palette is small (hence the name), so you can literally bring it anywhere and everywhere with you! It is great for the girl on-the-go! You can create so many different makeup looks with just this palette alone, and you can make it as dramatic or as simple as you want! There is a look for any and all occasions!

As you will see in the makeup tutorial, I went for a more dramatic eye look. I wanted to incorporate multiple colors into the look, and I wanted it to be bold and unlike my go-to makeup. The palette includes six gorgeous shades; a cream, a light pink, a champagne, a taupe, a silver purple, and a plum. When trying out new eyeshadows, there are two main things that I look for: pigmentation and how blendable they are. For this palette, I would say that the shadows are pretty pigmented, but nothing too outstanding. The shimmer shades were maybe a bit less pigmented, which can be common. Out of all of the shadows, the cream, the light pink, and the plum were not as shimmery as the others.

Something that I noticed about these shadows is that they all looked very different and beautiful in the palette, however when applying them, they all just seemed to be a different shade of brown. I wasn’t sure if it was the way I applied them, or if it was the combination of colors that I used, but it didn’t turn out the way I was hoping it would. I wanted a look that included a bit more color (in this case purple), but you can’t really tell from looking at my eyes. Although it wasn’t exactly what I pictured, I went along with it to see how it would turn out. When it came time to blend, it was a tiny bit tricky with the darker shades (the plum color, for example). For the most part it was easy to blend though, just make sure to apply a little bit at a time, and blend as you go!

If I am being honest, this palette did not exactly exceed my expectations. For me personally, I think that I may have to use it a few more times, and try to create some different looks with it. Maybe the colors just don’t exactly work well together, but I may have to try it out again! If I created a simple makeup look using the lighter colors, maybe it could have turned out differently, but as I mentioned, the colors just seemed to blend together, creating different shades of brown. The sparkles also seemed to disappear a bit once I applied the shadows, so the look turned out to be a bit more matte. To my surprise, I ended up really liking the look I created! It was not what I had in mind in the beginning, but it was still bold, dramatic, and beautiful; just in a different way.

Overall, I didn’t fall in love with this palette, and I am not sure if it is a product that I will reach for often. Like I said, I may try to create a different look, and maybe then I’d rave about it, but for now I would rate this product 3/5 stars.

And now for the eye makeup tutorial!

  • First, it is so important to prime your eyelids. I like using a primer that is almost white because it can make the shadows pop a bit more! I gently apply this all over my lids, and even onto my lower lashline.
  • Next, I took the second shade from the right (on top) and applied this all over my lids with a shadow brush. Keep in mind that these shadows are not the easiest to blend, so don’t go overboard on the colors straight away. Build up to it!
  • I then took the silver/purple shade (top right corner) and with a light hand and a crease brush, I applied it to my crease. To add a bit of drama to the look, I decided to use the dark plum shade (bottom right) and a fluffy crease brush to apply this to the outer corners of my eyes, and blending it throughout my entire crease. Since this is the darkest shade in the palette, I want to restate that you should definitely build up the color, because I struggled to blend this one especially!
  • After all of the blending, the color on my lids seemed a bit dull, so I went back in with my shadow brush, but this time, adding some of the purple/silver shade to the center of my lids.
  • Next, I used the light pink shade and a liner brush to apply this to the inner part of my lower lashline. Using the plum shade once more, I applied this to the outer part of my lower lashline.
  • The last step for the eyeshadow was highlight, so I went in with the cream white color. I used another crease brush to apply this to my browbones and the inner corners of my eyes. This is always great to do because it makes you look more awake, and you need something to make the look a little brighter since it is a bit dark.
  • Then I moved onto mascara. I recently bought the “L’Oréal Telescopic Mascara” in “Blackest Black” and coated my top and bottom lashes. I am absolutely obsessed with this mascara and the length that it gives my lashes! Since the eye makeup is bold, you can choose a mascara that will add even more drama to your look, however, I really liked the telescopic for today!
  • The next step was eyeliner! I used my go-to black eyeliner by Essence, and applied this to my waterline and tightline for that final touch.
  • And lastly, I simply brushed my brows up and over and I was good to go! (If you fill in your brows, you can definitely do that! I prefer to leave mine as they are, so this is a step that I don’t mind skipping!)

Let me know if you own this palette (or any of the City Minis) and tell me your thoughts on it in a comment below! Thank you so much for reading!

My December Ipsy Glam Bag

Hey everyone! This will be my final beauty post for the year, and I’m sharing and reviewing my December Ipsy glam bag with you all! 

This month, Ipsy wanted their members to get all of the warm and fuzzy feels with the teddy inspired glam bag! While I like the cozy feel of the bag, it isn’t my favorite. I wish it was a bit more festive! I rated my overall bag 3/5 stars because I felt that I received a couple products I didn’t really need/like.

Inside the bag:

  • Benefit Cosmetics – Precisely, My Brow Warm Light Brown 3 Eyebrow Pencil

 I’ve tried a few products by Benefit Cosmetics and I love the brand! I have heard some great things about their brow products, but I never tried any until now. My eyebrows have always been pretty full, so I never cared to do anything to them (other than brushing through them). When using this product, I felt that the lines were not too harsh, and it seemed easy to blend. The color is a bit light for me though. I’ve always heard that you should go one shade darker when it comes to brow products, so if I were to purchase this, that is what I would do. I don’t see myself using this often, however that’s not to say it is a bad product, it just isn’t for me! It could be helpful to fill in some sparse areas! I rated this 3/5 stars.

  • Hey Honey – 24Seven Honey Day & Night Cream

I am currently trying out something new to help with my acne, and it is drying out my skin a bit. Plus, the cold weather isn’t helping, so I was in need of a new moisturizer! This one is nice because it does not have a strong scent, and it feels smooth on the skin. I wouldn’t say it is a favorite of mine, but I do plan on using it frequently. It is a nice everyday moisturizer. I rated this 4/5 stars.

  • Maëlle Beauty – Dawn to Dusk Eyeshadow Collection Single in Sunkissed 

When I first saw this shade, I was somewhat disappointed. It is a nice matte brown shade, however I felt that it was a bit boring for me. I really like golds, champagnes, and taupes. I also enjoy wearing shimmer shades. When trying out this shadow, I was pleasantly surprised! This is a great base shade for most eye looks, and I actually liked that the color is matte. I don’t think that this is a shadow that I would reach for too often, but I have been going for natural makeup looks lately, so maybe it will become my go-to! It is very pigmented, and perfect for an everyday look! I would rate this 3/5 stars.

  • Purlisse Beauty – BLUE LOTUS 4-IN-1 Eye Adore Serum

I am always excited to try eye serums and creams because I have dark under eye circles. I try to be very careful about the skin around my eyes because I know that it is sensitive and I would like to avoid premature wrinkles and bags. I’m not sure why, but applying this product feels luxurious. The consistency feels a bit thicker than I would have expected for a serum, but I actually really like it! I haven’t used it long enough to see results though, so I don’t think I can give it a fair rating right now! 

  • Sunday Riley – A+ High-Dose Retinoid Serum (my pick)

I only started using retinol serums in my skincare routine this year, but I’ve really noticed a difference in my skin when I do! This is the product I chose for this month, and I am not quite sure how I feel about it just yet. As soon as I opened the product, it began leaking all over the cap. This was upsetting because it is already a small sample.  I really dislike the scent of this serum as well. Other than that, I can’t tell if it has been helping my skin. Retinol is known to help reduce wrinkles, lines, and acne, so I’m going to continue using it. I’m hoping for the best! For now, I’ll rate this 2/5 stars, but this may change as I continue to use it.

Thank you all so much for reading today’s blog post! Let me know what you received in your December glam bag in a comment below! I also created a video using each of these products, and you can check it out on my Instagram, @sacchere14. I have one last post I would like to share with you before the year comes to a close! It is personal and honest, and I hope that you will take the time to read it at the end of the month!

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Must-Have Holiday Lip Colors

Hey everyone! I am so excited to share this blog post with all of my beauty lovers today! I have been planning out my final blog posts of the year, and I am really looking forward to sharing more holiday content with you!

 I have such a love for lipstick, so I figured that it would be a perfect idea to share five different lip colors to try this holiday season! I would say that these are very affordable as well. I have included links to purchase each lip color so you don’t have to go searching for it! I know that not everyone loves to wear red lipstick, so I am sharing multiple options for variety; three unique reds, a mauve, and a nude/rust.

I received this product from Ipsy earlier this year, and it is the perfect bright red lipstick! If you are a fan of matte lipsticks, then this would be a great option for you! This applies very easily, and I would say that it is my favorite lip color for this holiday season! It is more of an orange-red, and I absolutely love the glamorous look of a matte lip! It is mostly long-lasting, however it is very likely to come off throughout the day. Also, it is extremely pigmented, so try to apply this carefully. I highly recommend trying this crayon!

Earlier this year, I bought this lip tint after seeing a beauty influencer promote it on Instagram. I had never heard of it before, but I had to try it for myself! While this may not be your typical Christmas lip shade, I still think it is the perfect everyday color for this season! For a lip tint, it is actually very pigmented and even a bit glossy (but not sticky). It is a gorgeous mauve color and it can truly go with so many makeup looks! I would definitely check this one out if red or nude isn’t your thing!

Maybelline has to be my favorite drugstore makeup brand! I own so many products by them, and I really do enjoy using their lip products (as well as their mascaras)! This lipstick is a creamy red-pink shade, and it is stunning for any holiday event. This is a color that would look good on so many different skin tones as well!

I just recently received this lipstick from Ipsy, and while I had never heard of the brand previously, I was very impressed. Out of all of the lipsticks I am sharing today, this one is the most expensive, however I believe it is worth it. I did not own a shade like this before, so I was happy to try it out, and I fell in love with it! It is a nude/rust color, and it is truly perfect for fall/winter. If you feel that red is just a bit too bold, and nude is just a bit too boring, this is a great choice for you!

Last but not least, this stunning deep red lipstick! This one is so very pigmented and it is more of a mature red color. This is my second favorite red lipstick to wear because it is bold and even a bit intense, but it still works! Even though it says it has “matte” in the title, it is actually pretty creamy. I think that the shade would look beautiful for Christmas! I have had this one for quite some time now, and I do not think that e.l.f. sells this specific color anymore. I apologize for this, however, there are other ways to purchase this, such as on Amazon, so that is where the link will take you!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post! Let me know if you have ever tried or will try any of these lip products! Also, if you would like to see what they look like on me, you can check out my Instagram @sacchere14 to see a reel I made using each lipstick! Thank you for reading!

My November Ipsy Glam Bag

Hey everyone! I am so happy to be back with a new blog post today! It’s the end of the month, which means that it is time to share and review what I received in my November Ipsy glam bag! I’ve always loved experimenting with new beauty products, and I was looking forward to this month’s bag!

This month, Ipsy reminded their members that it’s ok to indulge this holiday season, and to treat themselves with some new beauty! I really liked the #BePresent theme, and I absolutely loved the bag! I love the three different shades as well as the pop of color on the zipper! I felt that it was the perfect bag for November! I rated my overall bag 4/5 stars because I was very happy with the products I received.

Inside the bag:

  • 111SKIN – Y Theorem Day Cream NAC Y2 (my pick)

This is the product I chose to receive this month, and I am sad to say that it was not my favorite. When I tried this day cream, I first noticed how strong the scent was. I think it is probably best to avoid overpowering scents in facial products because it can irritate sensitive skin. I also have acne prone skin, so I try to be careful with this. The cream felt a little bit thick on the skin. The product includes anti-aging ingredients, vitamins, and antioxidants. I may need to try it again, but for now, I am not sure what I would rate this product.

  • Avette – Fresh Clean Coconut Mild Foam Cleanser

I was in need of a new cleanser, so I was happy to see that this was in my bag! I’ve used it a few times, and I have to say, I really enjoy foam cleansers! This one felt light, and I felt like it truly was cleansing my skin. It did have a somewhat strong scent, but this one smelled more fresh than the day cream. I plan to continue using this product, especially after wearing makeup or after long days. I rated this cleanser 4/5 stars.

  • Bobbi Brown Cosmetics – Vitamin Enriched Face Base

I haven’t had too much of a chance to try this out, but I was able to use it a couple times. I was really excited because I had never tried any Bobbi Brown products before! This primer made my skin soft, and it made applying foundation a smooth and easy process. I was able to blend out my foundation beautifully! This product doubles as a moisturizer, and my skin did feel hydrated after applying it. The ingredients are very beneficial for the skin as well (it includes: shea butter and vitamins B, C, and E). I rated this product 4/5 stars.

  • CONTEXT SKIN – Matte Lipstick in Sweet Emotion

I was thrilled to see that I would be able to try out a new lipstick! What can I say? I am a lover of lipsticks! The shade is something I normally would not go for, but it is absolutely perfect for fall! It is more of a rusty nude color, and it can be worn with a variety of makeup looks. It is creamy and applies easily as well, but I wouldn’t say that this is a matte shade! For me personally, I would recommend keeping the eyes very simple and natural and adding some color with this lipstick! I rated this 5/5 stars.

  • Eyeko – Rock Out and Lash Out Mascara in Carbon Black

I did not have high hopes for this mascara, but I was pleasantly surprised when trying it out! The wand is a unique shape, and it did make the product just a little bit difficult to apply. I really loved the way that this mascara made my lashes looked fanned out and it lengthened them pretty well. I had to apply a couple coats, and there was a moment when I thought it was beginning to clump my lashes, but it actually separated them well! I think this is the perfect everyday mascara! I rated this 4/5 stars.

Thank you so much for reading today’s blog post! Let me know what you received in your November glam bag in a comment below! I would love it if you would check out my Instagram, @sacchere14 to see a video I put together where I create a makeup look using these products!

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Sunset Eyes – Fall Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share a fall makeup tutorial with you all. The focus of this look will be the eyes. I recently received a beautiful eyeshadow quad from Illuminati Cosmetics, and I fell in love with it! I feel that the orange and pink shades can really make brown eyes pop, but of course, no matter what your eye color is, you can still rock this look! If you have been keeping up with my beauty blogs, you would know that I tend to choose neutral colors (golds, browns, taupes, champagnes etc.) when it comes to eyeshadows. Well, it’s safe to say that I’ve been getting out of my comfort zone a bit this year, and I think that translates through this makeup look! In order to create this look, all you would really need to have is the eyeshadow palette!

Let’s get into the makeup tutorial!

  • I always prefer to do my eye makeup before my face makeup, so I like to start by applying an eye primer. I always use my ring finger to gently tap the primer around my lids (remember how delicate the skin around your eyes is).
  • The second step in this look is eyeshadow! I took my new Illuminati Cosmetics Quad Palette in Enlightened. While the colors seemed a bit intimidating to me at first, I decided to try them out anyway. The palette has two matte shades and two shimmer shades. I would say that the shimmer shades are not incredibly pigmented, but they can add a nice sparkle to any eye look.
    • I began by taking the shimmery gold color and I applied this all over my lids.
    • I then used the matte orange/rust shade and blended this into my crease. With the matte shades, less is more, so start by applying a tiny bit and building it up if you need/want to. It is important to blend your shadows in any makeup look, but especially if you are using bold or dark colors, so don’t skip this step. It gets rid of harsh lines and it creates a beautiful smokey effect on the eyes.
    • Then, I took the pink shimmer shade and used this to line my lower lashline.
    • For the last step, I used a white/champagne color and applied this to the inner corners of my eyes and my brow bones. I always do this because it highlights these areas and makes me look more awake.
  • Next up, I decided to use the Big Ego mascara by Tarte in black. This mascara is great for any makeup look, though it is not the absolute best in my opinion. I would say it is the perfect everyday mascara, but it is buildable. I applied a couple coats to my top and bottom lashes.
  • Then, I used my go-to black liner by the brand Essence, and lined my waterline and tightline. I love doing this with pretty much any makeup look because it adds a bit more drama.
  • After, I began my face makeup. I took one of my favorite primers, the Ciaté London Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer, and applied this all over my face. I love this primer because it does exactly what it’s supposed to. It is extremely hydrating, and it smells great! It is a nice base for my foundation.
  • I then took my go-to foundation, the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, and I used a beauty blender to apply it. I really love the way that a beauty blender can evenly apply the product all over my skin, and the end result looks very natural. I always skip concealer, and I go back in with foundation over any dark spots I may have. I used the Banana Setting Powder by the brand Bellápierre Cosmetics and lightly sweeped this across my face. I prefer looking more matte than dewy, but if you would like a bit more shine, you can use less powder (or you can use a tinted moisturizer rather than foundation).
  • I don’t always use bronzer, but I felt that it would look beautiful with this makeup look. I took my bronzer by Estate Cosmetics in the color Coco, and used an angled brush to apply this right underneath my cheekbones and on my forehead. Once again, it is important to blend, and to find a shade that works well for your skin tone. This will prevent the bronzer from looking muddy.
  • I used a beautiful blush by the brand Doucce in the shade Daydream. I decided to go for a lighter pink (almost nude) because the eyes are already so busy. I applied this to the apples of my cheeks and blended it out.
  • Then, I used a highlighter by Kaleido Cosmetics in the shade Goddess and applied this to my cheekbones and the tip of my nose to add a golden glow; perfectly complimenting my sunset eye makeup.
  • Next, I moved onto the lips. I always start off with a chapstick to make sure my lip color will apply smoothly. I like to have either a dramatic eye look or a dramatic lip, but never both at the same time. For this reason, I went with a matte, nude lip color. I feel that a nude lip completed the look beautifully.
  • To finish this makeup look, I simply brushed my brows up and over, and the makeup was complete!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I highly recommend trying out this stunning eyeshadow quad, and it can be purchased here! Let me know what you think of this look in a comment below. Thank you so much for reading!

My October Ipsy Glam Bag

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing what was in my October Ipsy glam bag! As usual, I am going to be discussing each of the products I received and reviewing them for you.

This month, Ipsy wanted their members to find their magic and cast a spell using some new beauty! The theme for this month is very fitting for Halloween, and I absolutely love the bag! The black and gold is such a cool combination and I really like the design, as well as the detail on the zipper. I rated my overall bag 4/5 stars because I was mostly happy with the products I received.

Inside the bag:

  • Briogeo Hair Care – Farewell Frizz Rosarco Milk Leave-In Conditioner (my pick)

This is the product I chose to receive this month. I sometimes struggle with frizzy hair, especially in the warmer months. I have naturally wavy/curly hair, so I was hopeful that this leave-in conditioner would work for me. I sprayed this on my damp hair and ran a comb through to evenly distribute the product (though it’s important to focus on the mid-length to ends of your hair). You can also spray it into your hand to flatten any flyaways you may have! This product is clean, vegan, and cruelty free. It has a great scent that is not overpowering, and I even feel that it enhanced my natural curls a bit! I rated this 4/5 stars.

  • IBY Beauty – Radiant Glow Highlighter in 24k Magic

I own a couple highlighters by this brand, so I knew I would not be disappointed in this product. I love a nice champagne colored highlighter, and this one is perfect! It is very pigmented and gives me that glow that I am always after. This product would also look stunning on the eyes, and it is the perfect shade for any makeup look! Although I really did not need another highlighter, I rated this 5/5 stars.

  • Illuminati Cosmetics – Quad Palette in Enlightened

When I first saw this palette, I honestly was not too excited. The shades are more orange and pink, and I do not typically go for these colors. They are a bit more bold, and most of the time I like to go for neutrals. The colors may not have thrilled me at first, however, after trying them, I fell in love. The shimmer shades are not incredibly pigmented, but they add a nice sparkle. The matte shades are very pigmented and blendable. I think that these colors would look gorgeous if you have dark eyes like me, but of course, anyone can rock them if they choose to! I rated this palette 4/5 stars.

  • TheBalm Cosmetics – Will Powder Blush in Stamina

Once again, I judged the color of this product before trying it out. I thought it was a bit too dark for me, because I often prefer light pink and sometimes hot pink on my cheeks. This is more of a mauve color, and it looked a bit intimidating. When I used this product, I realized that a little goes a long way. I didn’t think it was too easy to blend, so make sure to start off using a tiny bit and then add if necessary. This blush would be perfect with more of a neutral eye look. I ended up really liking this product, and I would recommend trying it out! I rated this 4/5 stars.

  • Tarte – Maracuja Tinted Hydrator in Medium Neutral

I do not receive foundations, tinted moisturizers, or concealers from Ipsy very often, so I was excited to see that this was in my bag. I also love the brand Tarte, so I was hopeful! Sadly, the color is a bit too dark for me right now. It may work for me in the summertime, however I am losing my tan at the moment. This was partially my fault because I hadn’t updated my beauty quiz. I think tinted moisturizers are perfect for the warmer months anyway, so maybe next year I can try it again. I definitely prefer foundations (or bb/cc creams if I want something lighter). It did have more of a dewy finish which I do not really love the look of, so even if it was in the right shade, I don’t think I would love it. I rated this 3/5 stars.

Thank you so much for checking out today’s blog post! Leave me a comment and tell me what you received in your October glam bag, and be sure to check out my Instagram @sacchere14 to see a little video I put together using these products!

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My September Ipsy Glam Bag

For a year now, I have been sharing what I receive in my Ipsy glam bags! I still enjoy sharing the products and reviewing them for you, so this is what I will be doing today!

For this month, Ipsy focused on the changing of the seasons. The bag is absolutely perfect for fall, and it goes along with this month’s “cozy” theme! It a mustard color on one side, and a burgundy on the other. While I wouldn’t say it is the cutest bag I have received, it is a fun seasonal bag! I rated my overall bag 5/5 stars because I was very happy with the types of products that I had!

Inside the bag:

  • Benefit Cosmetics – The POREfessional: Hydrate Primer

I love Benefit Cosmetics and I love a good primer, so I was happy to see that this was in my bag! I have tried another POREfessional primer by the brand, and fell in love with it, so I knew I would love this one too! I just love the way that this primer glides onto my skin, and it feels so weightless! I rated this primer 4/5 stars.

  • Doucee – Freematic Blush Mono in Daydream

I have become a big fan of using blush this year, so I was excited to try a new one! I enjoy wearing pink on my cheeks, but this shade is a bit more neutral. It is perfect when you are going for a dramatic or colorful eye look, however, I tend to go more neutral on the eyes and I like to add color to my cheeks and lips. I ended up liking this blush much more than I thought I would! I definitely plan on using this product, but it won’t be my go-to. I rated this blush 4/5 stars.

  • Maelle Beauty – Clearly Brilliant Tinted Lips in Berry

I have a slight obsession with lip colors! The shade of this crayon is beautiful for this time of year, and it is so easy to apply. The color payoff is amazing as well! I have never heard of this brand before, but I will definitely check out more of their products! I rated this 5/5 stars.

  • P/Y/T Beauty – Day-To-Night Eyeshadow / Cool Mini Quad (my pick)

This is the product I chose to receive this month, and I am so glad that I did! The colors in this mini quad are absolutely stunning and perfect for fall! You can create a variety of looks using this quad whether it is simple or full glam! The colors are pigmented and somewhat easy to blend. I rated this product 4/5 stars.

  • Tarte – Big Ego Mascara in Black

I am a big fan of the brand Tarte, so I was thrilled to receive a mascara by them! I have never tried this one before, so I was curious as to how well it would work for me. As usual, this is a sample size, and because of this, it was a little bit difficult to apply the product. Besides this, I did really like the mascara. It didn’t give me an incredibly dramatic look, but it did separate and lengthen my lashes nicely. I would say that this is the perfect everyday mascara. I rated this product 4/5 stars.

Thank you so much for reading! Leave me a comment and tell me what you received in your September glam bag, and be sure to check out my Instagram: @sacchere14 to see a quick little video I put together using these products!

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What’s in my August Ipsy Glam Bag

Hey everyone! This past week, my summer ended and I began my final year of college. I took a little time away from blogging to get into my new routine, but I am back with more content to share!

For today, I am sharing what is in my August Ipsy glam bag! This month, Ipsy shared that “the future is bright… look inside and see what kind of beauty tomorrow holds for you.” While I don’t necessarily think that this bag is the cutest, I do think that the holographic finish is pretty cool, and it goes perfectly with this month’s theme of the future.

Inside the bag:

Check out my Instagram, @sacchere14, to see a video of the makeup look I created using this month’s products!
  • Estate Cosmetics – Going Nutty Bronzer in Coco

I have been loving bronzers this summer, so I was really happy to see that this product was in my bag! This bronzer is the perfect color for my skin tone, and it was easily blendable as well! It didn’t look too harsh or muddy on my skin, which I appreciated. I didn’t expect this product to have a scent, but it smells amazing and it reminds me of the summer time! I rated this 5/5 stars.

  • Kaleido Cosmetics – Muse Skin – Ultra-Fine Pearl Illuminator in Goddess

I own a couple products from this brand, so I was hopeful when I saw that I received another! I have a slight obsession with glowing skin, and I feel that this is the perfect summer highlighter!  The golden shimmer completes a makeup look beautifully, and it is pigmented as well! I rated this product 4/5 stars.

  • Illamasqua – Powder Eyeshadow in Invoke

When I first saw this silver/charcoal color, I thought it was going to be a bit too dramatic for me. After applying it, I realized this wasn’t exactly the case. I love applying shimmer shades on my lids, and this one was gorgeous. It is not the most pigmented eyeshadow, but it worked really well for the look I was going for! I think it is the perfect shadow for special occasions and/or holidays! I rated this 4/5 stars.

  • Murad – Clarifying Cleanser

I was in need of a new cleanser, so I was happy to receive this. I have tried a couple products by Murad before, so I was looking forward to trying this one. I especially enjoy cleansing my face after wearing makeup or sweating during the day. While this one does not have the greatest scent, it does cleanse my face well, and I still plan on using it. It is not my favorite cleanser. I rated this 3/5 stars.

  • Glamglow – BRIGHTEYES Illuminating Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream (my pick)

I chose to receive this product this month because I have very dark under eye circles, so I am always looking for new eye creams to try. This is the kind of product that you need to use for a little while before fully reviewing it. I have been using this since I received my glam bag, however I can’t really say if I have noticed a difference with my under eye area. With this product, a little goes a very long way, and it does take a while to settle into the skin. If I had to rate this product at the moment, I would give it 3/5 stars (however this may change as I continue to use it.)

Thank you so much for reading! If you are an Ipsy member, comment below and tell me what you received in your August glam bag!

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