A Stay in Bradford on Avon

Bradford on Avon is the perfect place for a little getaway. I first visited in July of 2021, and I quickly fell in love with the charming town. This is a very special place to my fiancé and I. We spent the first twelve days of our relationship here, after doing long distance for just over a year. Tom and I decided that we would write this post together, because it only seemed fitting. This is such a nice town to visit, and you really only need two-three days to see it! Today, we want to share what a stay in Bradford on Avon would look like. All photos were taken by Tom and me.

Bradford on Avon

Where to stay:

There aren’t a ton of options when it comes to hotels in Bradford on Avon, however we have to mention our favorite: the historic Swan Hotel. Each room is as charming and cozy as ever, and a stay at this hotel will certainly complete your little getaway! Room sizes as well as prices can vary, but overall we have found it to be quite affordable for our stays. You can add on breakfast to the cost of your stay, and even dine at the Thai Chili Restaurant located in the hotel! You can’t go wrong with a stay at The Swan. 

The Swan Hotel

Where to eat:

When it comes to dining, Bradford on Avon has got it right! There is a nice selection of cafes, restaurants, takeaways, and pubs; something for everyone to enjoy!

  • Ravello

You will be greeted by a warm and welcoming atmosphere as soon as you step through the door of Ravello. With friendly and accommodating staff members, you are sure to be well taken care of during your true Italian dining experience. Ravello has a wide variety of dishes to try, including appetizers and beginner dishes, as well as a selection of pizzas, pastas, seafood, and meats. You can expect your meal to arrive hot and with a classy presentation. The dessert is delightful, and we highly recommend having something sweet before stepping out!

  • The Bridge Tea Rooms

1502 saw the building of The Bridge Tea Rooms, remaining almost unchanged to this day.
Quaint and characterful are the surroundings with low exposed beams and not-so-straight walls, charmingly intimate and classically British. Teas are the establishment’s forte, offering plentiful choice. Fine quality ingredients feature prominently, for both the food and the drink. The loose leaf tea is smooth and refined whilst the homemade cakes are delicate and delicious – may we recommend the Prince Albert Afternoon Tea with velvety Victoria sponge?

“Royal tea for two please!”
  • The Bunch of Grapes

Delightful is the word to use when describing The Bunch of Grapes. This cozy restaurant will definitely become your new favorite! Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there is something to be enjoyed. The Bunch of Grapes serve a great Sunday lunch with many meat choices as you would expect, plus a vibrant vegan option too. The delicious food is presented in a contemporary fashion but the ingredients prepared are familiar yet combine real dollops of flavour.

A tastefully subtle take on the classic roast, producing a creative aesthetic and a feast for the palette
  • Bread & Butter

Conveniently situated in the heart of town, Bread & Butter is the essence of British breakfast and lunch takeaway culture. With both hot and cold sandwiches made to order, it’s the kind of place where almost any known fresh ingredient can be served between two pieces of bread. Watch out for the traffic when entering and exiting the establishment, but the flavoursome sandwich products are well worth the dash across the busy road. Bread & Butter is located on the corner of the Swan Hotel car park, so a tasty breakfast on the go could be preceded by a cosy night’s stay in the historic accommodation. 

  • Cassia

The light and airy vibe of Cassia draws you in from the street, welcoming you with the invigorating smell of coffee and fresh pastries. Providing the community with a popular modern café, a bright co-working space and a cool venue for events, Cassia offers a great deal to the people of Bradford on Avon. The new premises brings illumination to a side street and to the inspired users within. 

Where to shop:

  • Made in Bradford on Avon

With such a beautiful town comes beautiful art. Bradford on Avon has a large group of local artists hidden throughout. Maybe you’ll walk past an artist on the street, or you’ll walk into Made in Bradford on Avon. This shop showcases work from around 80 local artists and artisans. This is an amazing gallery to see because there are a variety of items that are unique to the town. In this shop, you can find paintings, jewelry, ceramics, glassware, cushions, clothes, and so much more. We love that there is a space where people can come to celebrate, enjoy, support, and buy art from the locals. No matter what your interests are, you can find something to display in your home, as well as something you can frequently use or wear!

  • Sassy & Boo

This has easily become my new favorite place to shop! Sassy & Boo is located in multiple areas including Bath, Tetbury, Frome, and of course, Bradford on Avon, to name a few. Sassy & Boo is the perfect place to go, especially on a dark and rainy day. When you step inside, your day and mood will instantly be brightened! Each rack is perfectly organized by color, and accessories are immaculately placed on beautiful tables and stands throughout the shop. Sassy & Boo is known for their vibrant colors, which brings inspiration to fashion lovers everywhere! I am now a loyal customer to this company and I own quite a few clothing items from them. What I love most about this boutique is that you are guaranteed to find classy and stylish pieces that are such great quality. Their items are moderately priced, and often times you can find great markdowns and a sale rack or two as well! If you are a fashion lover like myself, I could not recommend this shop more!

  • Heather’s

Another great boutique for women! This is such a lovely place to shop, and you will be able to find very nice clothing, shoes, and accessories here. When I shop at Heather’s, I tend to get gifts for my mother or sisters because I can always find something that they would appreciate. In some ways, this shop is similar to Sassy & Boo. For example, many of the items are brightly colored or have a funky pattern. Everything is moderately priced, and I believe there is something here for any girl in your life!

  • Piha

This is the kind of shop where you walk in to browse but end up finding something incredibly useful and practical. We have purchased a few items from this shop, and we truly do love it! Piha has everything from bamboo socks to Italian leather handbags to clothing and many outdoor accessories. I personally love their range of eco friendly bags. Their EcoChic line includes all kinds of bags such as tote bags, backpacks, cross body bags and more. These come in many different patterns as well; whether you like something a bit more subtle or bold, you will find a pattern you like! The best part? They all come with a matching pouch so you can easily fold and store your bags! This is so perfect for the girl or guy on the go! If you or someone you know is very outdoorsy, shopping here will be a dream.

  • Dible & Roy

Dible & Roy is yet another shop worth looking around in Bradford on Avon. From adorable tabletop ornaments to quality chic furniture, this place has lots in store! Upon walking in, you’ll find products for sale in every nook and cranny but the shop isn’t overcrowded. Keep your gaze high and low for spotting a quirky gift and mind your step for colourfully upholstered seating! There’s something so charming about Dible & Roy, often providing great inspiration for furnishing your lovely home!

  • Heaven’s Bazaar

A boujee and bijou boutique! If you need a little luxury in your life, Heaven’s Bazaar is the place to be. At this family run boutique, you will find designer and vintage clothing, bags, and jewelry, as well as some retro items. The window display is always decorated perfectly, and we, along with many others, always stop to take a look. Something that I really appreciate is that there is a very wide price range at this shop, so you can find something amazing for a great price. Plus, it is so fun to take a look at some vintage designer pieces. I also really love the jewelry selection because the pieces seem quite unique and special.

  • Strawberry Blue and Cloud & Cove

Strawberry Blue; something for me and you! A cute name for a very cute place! Strawberry Blue has just about everything! They specialize in home décor and gifts. Once again, you will definitely find yourself walking out with more than planned, but it will be worth it. What we love about this shop is that it truly is for everyone. Whether you want to buy someone (or yourself) a gift, you want to have a quick browse, or you plan to completely revamp your home, you will find it all at Strawberry Blue. Cloud & Cove is quite similar in that they do gifts and cards best! They have the cutest trinkets, cards, jewelry, and home accessories. It is so nice to go in on a quiet day to take a look around. This shop seems to be popular with tourists and locals alike.

Bradford on Avon


While it is so nice to explore different restaurants and shops, we wanted to briefly mention a few other things to do and see during your stay!

The Tithe Barn – One of the biggest medieval barns in England (built in the mid-14th century). It is such a fascinating place to see. There is also a small but sweet gift shop as well as a little café to complete your visit. You can either walk to the barn from town, or drive and park on site.

Bradford on Avon Museum – If you are a history buff, this may be on your to-do list! Although we have not been in the museum ourselves, it seems like it would be a very interesting place to visit while in town. You will be able to see many historic items as well as learn about the town’s history.

Holy Trinity Church, St. Laurence Church, and St. Mary’s Chapel – We absolutely love stepping into such beautiful and historic buildings, and this is even more true of cathedrals, churches, and chapels. The Holy Trinity Church is the biggest of the three, and it is a wonderful church to visit. There is so much to appreciate, especially in relation to the architecture. St. Laurence Church is believed to be one of the most complete Saxon buildings still standing today. It is a very tiny church, but it is in such a peaceful location. St. Mary’s Chapel is the sweetest chapel on the hill overlooking the town below, offering an intimate and peaceful place to worship.

Holy Trinity Church
St. Mary’s Chapel

The best view of the town – If you’ve made your way up to see St. Mary’s Chapel, you have probably seen the best view of Bradford on Avon! Walk along the path, and right in front of the Tory terrace you can stop and appreciate the magnificent view!

The best view of Bradford on Avon

Iford Manor Gardens (about 10 minutes from The Swan) – Iford is one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen. It is romantic, charming, neat, and adventurous. There is so much to see, and you could easily lose track of time there (in the best way possible). The gorgeous gardens are formal and Mediterranean. You will almost feel as if you have left England and are in Italy; that is, of course, if the sun stays out for your visit!

Iford Manor Gardens

We hope that this blog post has inspired you to travel to one of our favorite places! We will always have plans to visit this wonderful town again and again throughout our lives. We just know that if you come to visit, you will fall deeply in love with it too! There is so much to see and do, and it is the perfect little getaway for a long weekend. Thank you so much for reading! Until next time!

Bradford on Avon

Amanda Sacchere & Tom Patch

My Best Travel Tips + Amazon Travel Essentials Part 2

This is part two of my travel tips + Amazon travel essentials! Let’s get back into it…

  • Use packing cubes

I don’t know why I am so late to the party, but I am new to the world of packing cubes. Normally, I just like to roll my clothes and try to place them in my suitcase as neatly as possible. The issue is, when I arrive at my destination and try to see everything I brought, I can’t really find what I’m looking for. This my first trip using packing cubes, so I am very excited to get more organized! I don’t know if packing cubes actually do save space, but at the very least, I know they will keep me organized. I recently got some from Amazon, and they were super affordable. This comes with 8 different sized packing cubes, which is amazing for the price! Of course, I got mine in pink, but it also comes in grey. My plan is to keep similar clothing items in one packing cube. For example, in one cube, I’ll put all of my bottoms, and in another, I’ll put my tops. If I am bringing some thicker sweaters, I will keep these separate from thinner tops. I’ll update on the packing cubes when I get to England, but I am looking forward to using them.

  • Store your makeup, skincare and haircare together

You might be thinking to yourself, “She just said she wants to be more organized”, and yes, that is correct. I recently discovered an amazing product that will keep you organized, but saves you from having to bring a million little bags for different products. Linked here is a toiletry/makeup bag that I purchased from Amazon. I absolutely love the fact that this bag has many different compartments for all of your necessities! I plan to bring all of my toiletries, makeup, and haircare products in just this bag! Of course, my liquids will be in a TSA approved Ziploc bag. This will make it easier when going through airport security (they often ask if you could take out your liquids and keep them separate from other products).

  • Bring travel sized toiletries

Even though I am going to be in England for a couple months, I still plan to only bring travel sized items (for the most part). Chances are, wherever you are going is going to have a store that you can go to in order to buy larger sized toiletries. If you were to bring a full-sized shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc., it is going to add weight to your bag, plus you’ll have to check it. Save yourself the hassle, and keep what you can travel sized.

  • Jewelry cases

I have two jewelry cases that I like to use for traveling. If I plan to bring a lot of jewelry, I like to use a bigger case that can easily roll or be folded. I have one that has a space for earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc. On the other hand, if you’re the kind of person who likes to keep jewelry minimal, you may want to have a smaller jewelry case. I got a personalized one on Etsy and I absolutely love it! It is small, but it fits all that I need perfectly. By having everything in an organized case with different compartments, nothing will get lost or tangled up.

  • A purse in a purse

I recently saw a great idea for the girls who love to travel with different options. I love carrying different purses and bags, but they can take up some space. One trick to this is putting your bags in other bags. This works best if you are bringing different sized purses. Start by choosing which bags you want to bring. Then, empty them all. You’ll simply take the biggest bag and put the smaller ones in it! It is such a genius way to pack and you can easily store this in a suitcase or backpack because they will lay flat. You can also use the biggest bag as your personal item, but still get away with bringing more options for your outfits!

  • Bring an empty water bottle

While on my last trip to England, I purchased the cutest reusable water bottle. It is such a great size, and I can take it with me wherever we go! I recommend purchasing one because you are not allowed to bring any drinks with you through security, so by bringing this, you can simply fill it up at a water fountain or on the plane. Plus, it will keep you from drinking out of single use plastic water bottles.

  • Layer up

If you are traveling in the winter, or you are going somewhere where the weather will be quite unpredictable, be sure to bring layers! For this trip, I am going in late winter, but I will be there until early spring. I will be experiencing two different seasons on this trip, so it makes packing a little more complicated. My plan is to pack layers, but also keep the colors light for spring. For example, rather than packing a ton of dark colored clothing, try to keep it lighter, like wearing nude, white, or even pastel colors. I will be bringing a thermal top, thermal leggings, and fleece lined tights, just in case it is still chilly. Luckily, I feel pretty confident in knowing what the weather in England is like now, and I know for a fact that it won’t be hot! It is my goal is to not overpack… let’s see how that goes.

  • Bring a change of clothes in your carry on

If your checked bag happens to get lost, at least you know that you’ll have something to change into. If it takes some time for your bag to find you again, you can always go to the store to buy a few essential clothing items or do laundry more frequently. It may be a hassle, but it is best to keep a few small clothing items on your person because you never quite know where your checked bag will end up!

  • Don’t forget your passport

My final tip is to triple check that you have your passport on you. Always keep this in a safe place that is easily accessible (you may need it multiple times at the airport). Never put this in your checked bag. Even if you are flying domestically, it is good to have this for ID. Of course, if you’re going international, make sure that it is always with you. I recently got mine off of Amazon, and I love it because it has a few card slots for any cards you want to carry, as well as a little pocket where I keep my vaccination card. My passport fits securely in its space.

Whether you are new to traveling or you are a pro, I hope you found these tips helpful. I definitely recommend looking into the Amazon travel essentials that I mentioned because I really love them and find them useful. Thank you so much for reading! Safe travels, and I’ll be back with a new post shortly!

My Best Travel Tips + Amazon Travel Essentials

In just a few short hours, I will be leaving for the UK again! If you aren’t aware, I am in a long distance relationship with my Fiancé Tom. Since travel is a bit easier now that the Pandemic is (very) slowly fading, I have been able to go back and forth to England quite regularly. Tom just experienced his first trip to the US, and after three months we are heading back to his home together. Traveling has always been a big passion of mine, and I am grateful that I have been able to do it all my life.

Obviously, getting into a long distance relationship means that traveling is going to happen more frequently, so after a lot of practice, I feel much more confident when packing for trips. Today I will be sharing how I like to pack for an extended trip. Packing can already be a pretty overwhelming experience, but for the most part, I really enjoy it! I love choosing which outfits to bring, and of course, going on a trip is very exciting too! I will be sharing some tips and advice that I have learned over the years in relation to packing for a trip. This blog post will mostly relate to flying, however these tips can work for any form of travel! There will also be two parts, so be sure to click the link at the end of this post to continue reading.

  • Check to see what documents you need

Before traveling to another country, you need to do all of  the research you can! Tom and I know this all too well, especially since we began our long distance relationship during a pandemic when paperwork, testing AND quarantining was required. Thankfully, now we just have to fill out a couple forms and we are good to go! If you are not vaccinated, you may be required to do more than this, so keep that in mind. You may also want to do some research on how long you can stay in the country you are traveling to. For example, I can only stay in the Uk for 6 months, and Tom can only stay in the US for 3. Plan your trip accordingly, and try to avoid staying around that limit, it may cause complications if you plan to visit again. Keep all of these important papers together. I like to bring a folder with me, so I can keep these things there, and the folder can easily fit in my backpack.

  • Check with your airline for baggage allowance

If you are new to flying, or you need a light reminder, always check with your airline to see what baggage is allowed. Typically, you can have a checked bag, a carry-on, and a personal item. Your checked bag will be taken at the airport and sent to your final destination, and your carry-on is typically a slightly smaller bag that can be taken with you to your seat and stored in the overhead compartment. Your personal item can be a backpack, a purse, a duffle bag etc. and can usually fit right under the seat in front of you. of course, you don’t NEED each of these. try to pack light and avoid having to pay for a checked bag. If you really want to bring a checked bag, try to avoid bringing a carry-on. I always recommend having a personal item so you can easily access things you’ll need while in the air, and also valuables will be on your person at all times. Remember that the size and weight of your bags matters, so double check with your airline to know what to bring.

  • Check the weather before packing

Be sure to check the weather before you travel so you can get a better idea of what you’ll want to wear. If you’re staying for a longer period of time and you can’t be 100% sure of the weather, do some research. I always like to google: weather in (location) in (month(s)). For example, before my upcoming trip, I would search: Weather in England in February and March.

  • Pre-plan your activities and excursions

Before you pack for any trip, think about what you’ll be doing a lot of. If you’re doing a lot of sightseeing, bring comfortable sneakers. If you’re going hiking or taking part in a lot of outdoor activities, bring some sturdy hiking boots. If you’ll be relaxing by the beach 99% of the time, some nice sandals will work perfectly. For this trip, I plan to bring my hiking boots, a pair of comfortable athletic sneakers, pointed-toe ankle boots, and everyday boots. If you are trying to pack light, try to find shoes that can be worn for multiple occasions.

  • Know what goes in a checked bag

While every airline and airport is different, one thing is for sure: anything sharp should not go with you on the plane. The same is true for full sized liquids. When I travel, I always like to have razors, tweezers, scissors, etc. with me. When I pack my bags, I always know that these items need to go in my checked bag. If you don’t want to check your bag, you may have to wait until you arrive at your destination to buy these things. It’s better to be safe and to make your airport/flying experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

  • Use a backpack or carry on suitcase rather than a duffle or tote bag

If you plan to bring a personal item or carry on bag, don’t let it be a duffle or tote bag. I have tried traveling with these things and let’s just say it was painful. It doesn’t make sense to bring these items because they only go over one shoulder. It is very common to find yourself rushing to your gate, and some airports are HUGE. You may find yourself walking for around 15-20 minutes just to get to your gate. Trust me, you want that to be a comfortable walk (or run). I understand wanting to look stylish when traveling, but I think that you can do this while still being practical. Last fall, before my second trip to England, I bought this beautiful backpack on Amazon! I love how stylish it looks, and it has many compartments and SO much room! This comes in quite a few different colors and color combinations, but I just adore the back and gray combo. There is a space for my laptop, my toiletries, my jewelry, and my water bottle with room to spare! This backpack is also very nice quality, and I love using it for travel. I recommend bringing a backpack rather than a duffle or tote because once it is on your back, you don’t have to worry as much about it. The weight will be evenly distributed rather than bringing your one shoulder down, and it also won’t fall down as you’re making your way through the airport.

  • Lay out all of the items you want to bring

My first step every time I travel. I do this a week or so before traveling because I just love planning these things out ahead of time. Plus, it will help you to feel more confident and WAY less stressed! It is much better to know and plan out what you’ll wear while away rather than throwing a bunch of random pieces into your suitcase and hoping for the best. 

  • Pack neutrals

I am outspoken about wearing neutrals lately! If you haven’t heard me say it already, neutrals will never let you down. By packing neutral colored clothing, you will be able to pair every item in multiple ways, leaving you with many, many outfit options to choose from! On the other hand, if you only pack vibrant clothing with bold and crazy patterns, it will be much harder to style your outfits. Unless you are in love with wearing a lot of color, my best tip is to keep it simple. Bring classic pieces that you can style in many different ways.

Part two of this blog post is linked here! See you all there.

My Trip out West: Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone and More!

Hey everyone! I am now home from my two weeks away! I had an amazing time on my vacation with family, and of course for my first blog post back, I really wanted to share my trip with you all! When it comes to my travel posts, they tend to be a bit lengthy, so I’ll try to go over all of it without going on for too long! All photos in this blog post were taken by me (besides the group photo of my family/photos of me).

We left for the airport on June 7th, and we took a short plane ride to Sioux Falls, South Dakota! When we arrived, we wanted to see all that we could, so we hopped in our rental car and left to see the sights! It was actually very hot for the first week of our trip. There was a heat wave going on, and from what I understood, this is pretty unexpected for the area. We decided to first stop by Falls Park, which was very close to the airport. We walked around for a bit to explore the falls, and then made our way to Mitchell, South Dakota. While driving through, we ended up passing The World’s Only Corn Palace, so we got out to see what was inside. It was built in 1892 and the purpose of its creation was to present the products of the harvest of local farmers. There are murals outside and inside the building made up of corn and other grains which I thought was pretty cool. It is free to go inside the palace, so if you are in Mitchell, SD, it is worth a quick stop!

I will never forget the sunset we saw that first evening. We were driving through what felt like the middle of nowhere (aka prairielands), but it was the most peaceful and beautiful thing. The sunset seemed to last forever; slowly falling below the horizon as time went on. I’ve never seen a sunset like it before! The sky was orange, yellow, and pink, and no picture could do it justice, so trust me when I say that it was incredible. On this entire trip, the sky was so blue, and I’m not used to seeing that daily! Make sure to look up and appreciate the wide blue sky out west! While service may have been a bit spotty throughout this trip, it allowed me to be fully present and to not miss such beautiful natural sights.

The next day we saw Badlands National Park. This stop was truly incredible, and there was so much to see at the park including the many rock formations, canyons, and spires! When traveling to many national parks, you can expect to do quite a bit of driving to different locations and then stepping out to walk around and enjoy the views, which is exactly what we did. Also, we were excited to see the wildlife in this part of the country, which you can spot on your drives through the parks in this area. As the day came to a close, we saw yet another gorgeous sunset! We were really hoping to see the stars that night, but sadly it was a little too cloudy. We still decided to stop by the amphitheater at Badlands to hear more about the stars from two astronomy rangers.

Badlands National Park
Badlands National Park

The next day, we were in Rapid City! This was definitely a bit different compared to our previous stops. This looked more like a typical small city, which I really liked! Our first stop of the day was Chapel in the Hills. This chapel is an exact replica of a church in Norway called Borgund Stave Church. The architecture was really unique to anything I had ever seen before! Something about it even reminded me of the architecture you may see in Asian countries such as China. It was a small but beautiful chapel, and I enjoyed being there. We went on a short prayer walk, and then stopped by the gift shop where we picked up a couple souvenirs.

Chapel in the Hills

That same day, we went up to see Deadwood, which was a very fun town! Everything about it definitely looked old western, and walking around there almost felt like we went back in time. We even saw a short performance of an old western gun fight! There is a lot to see and do there, and I highly recommend stopping by! Later that evening, we walked around Rapid City, and concluded our day with dinner and ice cream.

The next day was a very exciting one! We were heading to see the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. It’s one of those things that you have to go and see in your lifetime! While we were driving, we could start to see parts of the monument from our car. When we got in, we walked along the Avenue of Flags, and stood right before the monument itself. There are 56 flags total and they represent the 50 states, one district, three territories, and two commonwealths of the U.S. I’ve heard a couple people say that seeing it in person was actually quite an emotional experience, and for me personally, I wasn’t very emotional but I was definitely amazed! The fact that people were able to carve such incredible detail into the rocks really fascinated me. While we were there, we were able to learn more about the people who worked on the monument and what their working days looked like. I’m sure it was very dangerous and risky, and hundreds of people worked on it from 1927 to 1941. I actually thought that it was a bit older than it really is!

My family and me at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial

After our time at Mount Rushmore, we went to the Crazy Horse Memorial. I was not aware of this memorial previously, but I recommend visiting, especially if you are around Mount Rushmore or visiting the Black Hills of South Dakota. The Crazy Horse Memorial is still being made, and it has been in the works since 1948! The Black Hills actually belonged to the Sioux Indians and Crazy Horse was a war leader who fought to keep their territory. At the time, the president of the United States agreed to leave this land to the Sioux Indians, however when gold was found on the land, it was taken over. This monument is being made to honor the war leader Crazy Horse and his people. They are making short-term goals and are unsure of when it will be completed. I thought this was really amazing to see, and while I can’t imagine the amount of work and dedication that this has taken and will take, I do know that the end result will be outstanding! We took a short bus tour, where our tour guide explained the meaning behind the monument as well as the history. We then stopped by the Indian Museum of North America as well as the Native American Cultural Center.

The Crazy Horse Memorial in progress

The next few days were spent in Custer, South Dakota! I really liked this area, and I enjoyed walking down the main road with all of the restaurants and shops. For our first day, we went to Custer State Park. One of the highlights of this trip had to be when we got into the park, and just a couple miles in we were stopped by a herd of buffalo! Up until this point on the trip, I don’t believe that we saw any, at least not up close! Obviously it is very important to keep your distance from wild animals, so we all stayed in our car. We watched in awe as they all passed us by; taking videos and getting pictures. They took their time walking in and along the road, and a long line of cars was forming on both sides of the road. Eventually they started running. It was a really great start to our day! On this trip, we saw buffalo, antelope, moose, elk, horses, and even prairie dogs. We also saw a black bear and two cubs from very far away. We ended up doing a hike at the park and we took the Cathedral Spires Trail. I highly recommend this hike if you are visiting the park! It wasn’t an incredibly long trail, but it was a little strenuous in parts. It is worth it in the end (trust me)! After, we went to Sylvan Lake, which is also in the park. We walked around the entire lake, which was stunning! Many people were out on canoes, swimming, and relaxing by the water.

Me at Custer State Park after hiking the Cathedral Spires Trail

The next day, we went to Wind Cave National Park! We were able to take a tour of wind cave, which I thought was really cool! My family and I have taken a couple tours of caves in the past, and I always find it so interesting. We first saw the natural opening of the cave which was pretty small. If you stand in front of it, you’ll feel a blast of cool air hit your face and blow through your hair! We obviously did not and could not go into the cave this way, and we went for the manmade entrance instead. Our group had about 40 people (including us), and we all stayed together while we went about 200 feet below the surface. The cave is more than 500 feet deep (only 5-10% has been discovered). Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and friendly, and she was able to tell us about the history of this cave and what it meant to the Native Americans. She also shared stories with us about the young boy who was the first to explore the cave.

Later that day, we took some time to relax at Moccasin Springs Natural Mineral Spa. I had actually never been to a spa before this, so I was really looking forward to it! It was a very quiet place and there really weren’t very many young people besides my siblings and me, but it was very relaxing and enjoyable! It was a beautiful and tranquil place, and we had fun swimming in the natural springs. It was a perfect afternoon after all of the walking we had done on the trip so far!

We had a wonderful time in South Dakota, but the next day, we drove into Wyoming! We decided to stop and see Devils Tower National Monument. I don’t think I had ever seen anything quite like this before! We took the loop trail that surrounds the tower and read about the legends, history and how it was formed. The next town we stopped at was Buffalo! I really liked this town, and thought it was adorable! I liked walking along the streets and we spent some time souvenir shopping and looking at antique stores which I absolutely love to do! We also saw the Occidental Hotel, which apparently has a lot of history behind it. I loved seeing all of the vintage furniture and items from many years ago. We even saw a book complied of many newspapers from the 1920’s! We ended up having lunch at the saloon attached to the hotel.

Devils Tower National Monument

The drive from Buffalo to Cody was just breathtaking! We drove along the scenic route where we saw and drove through snowcapped mountains! If you are traveling from Buffalo and making your way toward Yellowstone, I would say it’s worth it to drive into Ten Sleep and then to Cody. By doing this, you will be able to see more, and the scenic route is beautiful! Ten Sleep is a super small town, and there wasn’t a lot to do there, but it was nice to see. We also saw some Native American Petroglyphs nearby, which was really incredible! To know that these carvings and symbols have been there for many years and the fact that we could still see some so clearly was remarkable!

We eventually made it to Cody, which was another town I really liked visiting! We stayed in an adorable cabin with a few horses outside and a river flowing through the backyard. We fell asleep to the sound of the river, which was the most relaxing thing and it helped me to fall asleep so easily.

The next day we went to see Old Trail Town. This is where cabins from 1879-1901 were brought and reassembled in order to preserve them as well as the artifacts from this time. The cabins were all from different areas in Cody. We walked through some of the cabins and peeked inside others. There are 26 buildings at Old Trail Town as well as a gravesite. Some of the people who were reburied here are Jeremiah “Liver Eatin” Johnston, Jim White “Buffalo Hunter”, Belle Drewry and more. It was very interesting to see these old cabins, and to think about what may have happened inside. Some were homes, some were hiding places, and others were shops and saloons.

Old Trail Town

After this, we finally made it to Yellowstone National Park! Along with seeing Mount Rushmore, this has been something on my bucket list for quite some time! If I am being honest, although I had wanted to come here for so long, I really did not know much about the park. If I knew anything, it was that the park is very big. It is around 3,472 square miles and it all sits on top of a volcanic hot spot! There are so many things to do and see here, which is why I am so grateful that we had multiple days here. I would say that if you are planning a trip to Yellowstone, you should at least stay for three days. There are five entrances to get into the park. On that first day, we went into the park through the east entrance. We stayed in a town called West Yellowstone in Montana, which is apparently the most popular town for Yellowstone visitors. We did a lot of driving in Yellowstome (we pretty much drove through entire park on this trip). I will never forget seeing Yellowstone Lake for the first time. It was our first stop in the park and deservedly so! The water was a gorgeous teal/blue and it almost seemed like an ocean. In the distance, we saw snowcapped mountains which was always incredible to see! We enjoyed this spot, and we talked about possibly booking a boat trip on the lake during our stay. We continued on after this and took a hike on Natural Bridge Trail. I was a little nervous about seeing bears or really any wildlife while we were out hiking. Luckily we did not see anything at this time! It is a flat hike, and it was around 2.5 miles. The end was beautiful with a waterfall and of course, the natural bridge! We then went to see some of the sulphurous pools and hot springs which are very dangerous. If you go, make sure to stay on the boardwalks and to hold on tightly to your belongings. These pools and springs are incredibly hot, and you can burn yourself if you get too close. Some temperatures of the pools can reach up to 456 degrees Fahrenheit! It was so interesting to see the steam rising from these pools. A couple of the things we saw that day include Chruning Caldron and Dragons Mouth Spring.

Natural Bridge in Yellowstone

The next day at Yellowstone, we stopped by Firehole Falls, which was a gorgeous sight! Something about waterfalls are always so majestic. Seeing the sun shine on the water was stunning. We continued the pattern of driving and getting out to see more of the sulphurous pools and springs. On this day, we saw some pools that were a gorgeous intense blue color! Some were more of a lighter sky blue, whereas others were more teal/dark blue. We also saw the Grand Prismatic Spring, which is the largest hot spring in the U.S.! This was definitely a favorite stop for me, and I highly recommend seeing it for yourself! The colors were just phenomenal, and even in the steam, we could see the vibrant colors of blue, orange, and yellow. Later on, we made our way to Old Faithful, Yellowstone’s most famous geyser! Many people gathered around to wait for the geyser to erupt. Old Faithful is very predictable, and its eruptions are estimated pretty accurately (it goes off every 35-120 minutes, and lasts for 1 ½- 5 minutes). It can get up to 90-184 feet!

A hot spring in Yellowstone
The Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone
Old Faithful erupting

If you’ve never heard of Grand Teton National Park, all I can say is please make plans to visit this wonderful place at least once in your lifetime! Before visiting, I had never heard of it, but I am so grateful that I was able to go! It ended up being a highlight on my trip. You can enter this park through Yellowstone, or by going around it. The views were breathtaking, to say the least! Seeing the mountain range sitting in front of us truly felt like we were looking at a painting, and the photos don’t even seem real! Being here made me wonder about all of the stunning places in the world that I am not aware of. I loved exploring this park, and if you’re going to Yellowstone, you might as well check out Grand Teton too!

Grand Teton National Park (my favorite photo I’ve taken on the trip)

For the last few days of our trip, we were back in Yellowstone to see the other side of the park. This time, we were entering through the north entrance and staying in Gardiner, Montana. This day was a bit more relaxed for us. We went to see a very pretty waterfall and spent some time simply enjoying the view at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone (though my mom and I are scared of heights, so we enjoyed it from further back). That evening, we finally went on our boat ride on Yellowstone Lake! I love going on boat rides, and we do this on most of our vacations. Our tour guide took us to different stops where he was able to tell us more about the park and its history.

We saw Mammoth Hot Springs the next day, which is another popular stop. Most of our day was spent around this area. We walked along boardwalks to see the complex of hot springs, and even saw photos of what it looked like years ago. The scenic views were outstanding here as well! For our last day, we decided to go on a hike. We were hoping to do the Fairy Falls Trail, however it was extremely popular and crowded. We ended up choosing the Bunsen Peak Trailhead. This trail was 2.1 miles, and getting up to the summit was a little bit difficult at times (though uphill is always more of a challenge). The view was worth it though, and once we got to the top, we were happy and relieved. We could feel the cool breeze and the sunshine on our skin. For the final time, we were able to soak up the incredible views of Yellowstone before making our way back down and exiting the park.

Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone

That concludes our trip out west! We flew home from Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport. I am extremely thankful and appreciative that I was able to go on this trip and see more of this beautiful country. There were moments when I forgot that I was still in the U.S. I think at times, we forget that this country is very unique in that there are so many different and special landscapes, mountains, beaches, parks etc. around us. Exploring each state is still on my bucket list, and now I don’t have many more left on my list, which is so cool! I know this post was long, but I hope you enjoyed reading about this very memorable trip! While I enjoyed it very much, I am happy to be home and back to blogging regularly! Thank you again!

My Trip to Peru

Hey everyone! Today I have another travel post for you all! I always enjoy writing these posts because it gives me a chance to relive my trips through photos and videos! I like to look back in order to remember certain events and to simply reminisce on wonderful experiences! Today, I am going to be sharing my trip to Peru with you all! (All photos in this post were either taken by me, or a family member.)

In June of 2018, my family and I went on a trip to Peru! This was quite the surprise, and I was thrilled because I knew I was going to be doing more exploring, and that by going on this trip, I would be able to check another item off of my bucket list! None of us had ever traveled to South America before, so we were really looking forward to it. Of course, before I travel anywhere new, I really like to do some research on the country, the culture, the people, the food, etc. Doing this makes me more knowledgeable, and I also feel that it is respectful to learn as much as you can before going to new places (you never want to make others uncomfortable or do something that can be seen as disrespectful).  I was able to learn so much, and I even shared the information with my family. For example, I learned that due to the elevation in Cusco, some people who travel there may feel a bit nauseous or out of breath for some time.  Also, it was important to keep in mind that when it is summer in North America, it is winter in South America, so even though we went in June, we had to pack some warm clothes!

For those of you who do not know, my grandma is from Spain, so my mother’s side of the family is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish. This was very helpful for us while we were away. Even though you do not necessarily have to speak a certain language in order to travel to a different country, I feel that people should at least learn the basics (hello, goodbye, thank you etc.) in order to be respectful. The locals in Peru mostly spoke Spanish, however they did speak some English in the areas with a lot of tourists. For those of us who don’t speak Spanish, we were still able to communicate somewhat easily.

We soon arrived in Peru, and our first stop was Cusco. We arrived at our gorgeous hotel called Niños Hotel Meloc. Although we were all feeling pretty tired and jet lagged, we were ready to do some exploring! In order to beat any altitude sickness, the hotel staff gave us all coca leaf tea. Luckily, we all felt fine, however this is not the case for many visitors.

I fell in love with this beautiful city! It was vibrant, exciting, and there was so much history surrounding us. The people were amazing, and there always seemed to be some sort of event or celebration going on, and the locals were wearing colorful, traditional clothing. I loved walking down the streets of Cusco and seeing the incredible Spanish colonial architecture. I really loved walking through the Plaza de Armas! Nightlife in Peru was unique to anything I had ever seen before. Many young people would be out dancing in the streets, all in sync with one another. We stopped to watch and I remember in these moments, I just felt really grateful to be able to experience a new culture. That night, we all went out for ice cream at a place called Qucharitas ice cream shoppe, and we all agreed that we needed to go back for more before we left Cusco (it was that good)! One moment that stood out me while in Cusco, was when we found ourselves walking through an open-air market.  It was interesting to see because it was not something that I was used to, and we were able to see how the locals lived their everyday lives.

The Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús in the Plaza de Armas
Cusco, Peru

The next day, we were able to go see the statue of Christ (or Cristo Blanco) standing tall on top of a mountain, guarding the city. The view from this spot was breathtaking, and I although you can see the statue from many different spots in Cusco, I feel that it’s worth it to get up close. The statue also glows at night, which I thought was really beautiful. After, we went back to the Plaza de Armas to see if any events were taking place, and to take some more photos. We saw the Statue of Pachacuti, who was the ninth ruler of Cusco, and later on, the Emperor of the Inca Empire. He is a very important figure in the history of Peru, so we sat on the steps for a photo.

Cristo Blanco
Cusco, Peru
A few family members and I at the Statue of Pachacuti in the Plaza de Armas
Cusco, Peru

Throughout our time in Peru, we saw many alpacas walking around, which I absolutely loved! I thought they were so adorable, and we even stopped to take a couple photos holding the baby alpacas! Next, we decided to stop by the Qorikancha museum, which I found so interesting. The architecture was absolutely beautiful as well. Once again, we were able to get a gorgeous view of the city from here!

Me holding a baby Alpaca
Cusco, Peru
Me at the Qorikancha museum, admiring the view
Cusco, Peru

The day after, our driver took us to multiple locations where we were able to see some of the Incan ruins of Peru. This was a truly incredible experience, and we really enjoyed traveling around to see the stunning views and ruins. At one point on our tour, while we were in the car, a herd of sheep stood in our way in the middle of the road! We had to slow down and let them pass, and I thought they were just adorable! We were able to see the Pisac Ruins in the Sacred Valley, and being there felt so unreal. It was so beautiful and peaceful, and I could have sat there admiring the view all day long. We also stopped to see the Maras Salt Mines. These ancient salt pans have been around for over 500 years, and I thought it was so cool to learn about. This day-long tour ended with our driver taking us to our next stop, which was a town called Ollantaytambo.

The Pisac Ruins in the Sacred Valley
The Maras Salt Mines

We spent a couple nights in the small village, and we also traveled up the hillside to walk along the Ollantaytambo ruins. It was here that we were all given pisco sours to try at a restaurant in the town. This is a classic Peruvian cocktail, and these are given out at many restaurants throughout the country. Although I don’t really drink alcohol, I actually enjoyed this!

After, we made our way to a town called Aguas Calientes, which is where tourists stay in order to see Machu Picchu! I was so excited because this was something that I had been wanting to see for a long time. We all woke up around 4 in the morning so that we could see the sun rise over the famous Inca ruins. Our hotel was giving out breakfast to-go, so we took our food and stood in a long line of tourists, eager to get to Machu Picchu. We were on the bus for a little while, but soon enough we arrived! I couldn’t believe what was standing right in front of me. We decided to explore the ruins on our own, which was amazing, and then a few of my family members decided to hike Huayna Picchu. I decided not to, due to my fear of heights. Later on, those family members told us that there were steep and narrow steps toward the top of the mountain called the “Stairs of Death”, so I personally think that I made the right decision. If this doesn’t scare or intimidate you, then you should definitely try this hike. The view at the top looked amazing.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Afterward, we went out to eat. Before arriving to Peru, I was not sure that I would enjoy the food, however I was pleasantly surprised. The food in Peru was so delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed most of my meals! Aguas Calientes really caters to tourists because the town is full of restaurants and gift shops (this is most likely because many people have to stay there to see Machu Picchu). The restaurants in this town definitely seemed a bit fancier, and the presentation of each dish was really unique and pretty! I found myself trying certain foods that I would normally avoid, and I thought it was all so tasty!

For the second week of our trip, we went to Máncora, which is a resort town right near the border of Peru and Ecuador. The reason it wasn’t cold in this location is because we were right by the equator, where it’s warm all year long. We stayed at a gorgeous resort called Máncora Beach Bungalows. We spent the entire week out on the beach and in the pool, soaking up the sun and relaxing in our bungalows. We also did some exploring in the town. It didn’t seem to be a very busy time of year, so things were pretty quiet, however we heard that nightlife in Máncora is pretty big during their busier months. Once again, we really enjoyed the food in this town, and almost every night, we would watch the sunset, when the sky would turn beautiful shades of pink and orange.

A beautiful sunset in Máncora

For our final day, we went back to Lima, the capitol of Peru, to explore the city. It was pretty different compared to the other cities we went to. It was more modern, however there were some buildings that were much older. I really loved walking around the Plaza de Armas de Lima (or Plaza Mayor), and we stopped to take a look at the Government Palace and the Catedral de Lima. We also decided to go inside the Basílica y Convento de San Francisco de Lima, which was in walking distance from the Plaza. The inside of the cathedral was very unique to anything I had ever seen before. I always love walking into ancient cathedrals because I get to admire the architecture and it makes me think about how many people have walked by or inside since it was first built. Also, underneath the cathedral, we saw the catacombs, which was really cool. Lima was a very lively city, and we spent most of our last day taking it all in and reflecting on our favorite moments throughout our trip. This concluded our summer vacation, and the next morning, we were up and ready to head over to the airport so we could go home!

Basílica y Convento de San Fransisco de Lima

I was and am so very grateful that I was able to travel to Peru. Out of all of the places I have ever been, I think that Peru was the most different from my home country. It was unlike my life in the US, and I found so much beauty in this wonderful country. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommended traveling to Peru. It is such an incredible feeling to step outside of your own bubble, to see how other people live their lives, and to immerse yourself into new cultures. I will never forget this experience.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my trip to Peru! I am finally all caught up on my travel posts, however I am hoping to share more travel related content very soon! My family and I have plans to do some more traveling this year (safely, of course), so I am looking forward to sharing that with you all! Thank you for reading!

My Trip to the UK

Hey everyone! I am so excited to share another travel post with you all! After this, I have one more recent vacation to share, and then I will be all caught up on my travel posts for now! This post will be pretty long, but I hope that you will stick around and read about this memorable trip! (All photos were taken by myself or by a family member).

In June of 2017, I went on a family vacation to the UK! There was so much that I was looking forward to crossing off of my bucket list, and I was so excited to go! We traveled around different parts of England and Scotland, and we even spent one morning in Wales.

When we arrived at Heathrow airport in London, I remember feeling eager to see all of the sights, however we were definitely a bit jet lagged. We gathered our bags and met with our driver who took us straight to our first stop, Bath! On the way there, I was feeling tired, but couldn’t fall asleep because we were driving on the wrong side of the road! I was a bit nervous, but I also found it so interesting! I loved seeing how different everything looked from my town in the US, and I also thought it was so cool to be in a country with so much history. We soon got to the hotel and after checking in, we decided to explore the city of Bath!

I absolutely loved this city, and felt like it was the perfect first stop on our trip! As to be expected, we did a lot of walking in pretty much every city, but any time I am in a new place, I really don’t mind because there’s so much to see! We eventually found ourselves standing in front of Bath Abbey. Of course, we stopped to take photos and to admire the beauty that surrounded us. We went to take a look and spent some time inside. After, we continued exploring and we walked by the Royal Crescent; one of Bath’s most iconic landmarks. I found the architecture to be so interesting and unique to anything I’d ever seen before! Sadly, we didn’t spend a lot of time in Bath (it was only a couple days), but I really did love what we saw! Just a few years later, and this city now holds a very special place in my heart.

My older sister and me standing in front of Bath Abbey
The Royal Crescent

Next, we were on our way to see a very historic landmark that I am sure most people have heard of, and that is Stonehenge. We first drove from Bath to Avebury and then to Stonehenge. When we arrived, we all were given a headset and device so that we could stop and listen to learn about the history of Stonehenge. I didn’t really know very much about it beforehand, but I was aware of its importance in the UK. I think it is amazing that these stones have been here since 3000 BC to 2000 BC! I also feel that it is so important that we keep these monuments protected and taken care of; not only to attract tourists, but because of the interesting history behind it. After our tour, we decided to stop by Salisbury Cathedral which was incredible.


The next day, we made our way over to Wales to see one specific site: Tintern Abbey. This was so cool to see because the Abbey is a ruin, but so much of it has been preserved, so we took a tour inside and around the area.

A few of my family members and me at Tintern Abbey

Back in England, we spent some time in Chipping Campden, which is a small market town. I loved our hotel, which was close by. It was small, yet very nice and I liked that it felt private for my family. I believe this is where I was introduced to the typical full English breakfast! While I did enjoy most of what was on my plate, I found it so strange that beans are considered a breakfast food because this isn’t the case in the US. I remember really enjoying the food in this area. One day for lunch, we were at a restaurant close by, and there was a group of about four people and they were playing some traditional music while we ate our food.

One of my favorite areas was the Cotswolds! I just really enjoyed being in the countryside of England for part of our trip because it felt peaceful to be out in nature. On one of our hikes we saw many horses, cows, and sheep walking around as well! I absolutely loved seeing all of the charming villages!

We soon made our way to our next destination: Keswick. I really enjoyed staying in this town because it is right in the northern Lake District, and we were surrounded by the beautiful mountains! I thought it was the cutest town, with some stunning views! My family and I took a little boat ride on Derwentwater which was beautiful, and then we decided to go on a hike at Lake District National Park. The views were truly breathtaking! It was a pretty long hike, but it was still very enjoyable because we had such perfect weather and the fantastic scenery around us.

A view from our hike at Lake District National Park

After making our way to the North of England, we went a bit further to spend some time in Scotland! I didn’t think I would, but I absolutely fell in love with Edinburgh! We arrived on a cloudy day, but something about this felt perfect. The architecture and mood of the city just seemed a bit gothic and dark which I surprisingly really liked! I just love big cities because there is so much to do and see! As we walked around, we saw the Scott Monument which I thought was so cool! We also stopped in front of St Giles’ Cathedral. The crown spiral was awesome, and I felt that it was a bit more unique compared to other cathedrals I had seen previously. We walked up Calton Hill to see a gorgeous view of the city with many monuments in walking distance. I have such a fond memory of our first night in Scotland. When we went out to dinner, it started to rain, and normally this would bring down my mood, but I was just so happy that I didn’t care! I was laughing and having a great time with my family.

St. Giles’ Cathedral
Our view from Calton Hill with the Dugald Stewart Monument

Eventually we got to Loch Ness, which is a very famous lake in Scotland. It was actually pretty cold when we arrived, but we still wanted to spend time in the area. Despite the cold weather, we all got some ice cream (because I don’t care how cold it is, I will NEVER say no to ice cream)! After, we somewhat spontaneously decided to take a boat ride on the loch, however we split up, so a few of my family members went on a larger boat to tour the lake and search for Nessie (the Loch Ness Monster), and the rest of us went on a high-speed boat tour, which was so much fun! We had to wear some protective gear (goggles, a life jacket, etc.) as well. I was a bit nervous, but I spent almost the entire ride laughing with my brother sitting beside me!

Preparing for our high-speed boat tour

We also went to check out Tynemouth Castle and Priory. I loved seeing this because it was in such a beautiful location; overlooking Tynemouth Pier! Although it was windy, it once again seemed to perfectly add to the overall mood of the castle. I really loved exploring things like this because I had never walked through ruins quiet like it, and the fact that so much of it is still standing after so many years blows my mind!

Tynemouth castle and Priory

After our time in Scotland, we made our way back to England for the end of our trip. We only had a couple more stops, but first we went to York! This was another city that I really loved! As we were walking, we ended up seeing York Minster Cathedral. This medieval building is very important to the city of York, and it is one that you definitely cannot miss! There’s something so nice about just walking around a new city. While it is the simplest thing you could do, it is so exciting as well! It was another day where I simply felt happy and not for any specific reason either! I enjoyed walking by all of the shops and the food was delicious as well!

York Minster Cathedral

Our trip was coming to an end, so of course, our final destination was London! I completely fell in love with this city, and I never wanted to leave! I was overjoyed to be there! It was a bright and sunny day when we arrived, and we saw most of the tourist attractions that day. We saw Westminster Abbey, which was amazing, and then we saw Big Ben which is, of course, one of the most iconic landmarks in the world! Throughout our entire trip, we stopped to take a ton of photos, but once we got to London, the amount of photos doubled! After admiring Big Ben, we stopped by the London Eye. We debated whether or not we wanted to go on, but we decided to keep exploring instead (though I hope to go on one day)! We spent some time relaxing in Trafalgar Square which was very crowded, but I didn’t mind at all. I really enjoyed being around new people, and it was nice to just take in everything in that moment. I was really looking forward to seeing Buckingham Palace because it is historic and one of the most popular tourist destinations in London, so this is where we headed next!

Westminster Abbey
Big Ben
Standing in front of Buckingham Palace

The next day, it was a bit rainy, but that was definitely not going to stop us from going out! On this day, we went back to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards! Then, we went to Picadilly Circus. A lot of people tend to say that all big cities look the same. People also compare London and New York a lot, saying that Picadilly is just like Times Square.  In some ways it did remind me of New York, but it was different in some significant ways too. Things like the red double-decker buses, the architecture in many areas, and of course the well-known landmarks and monuments made this city really stand out to me. We stayed in this area for a while, walking past all of the shops, seeing the attractions, and hearing musicians playing on the streets. Eventually, we made our way over to the British Museum. We were able to see a few different exhibits, but we had to see the most popular exhibit, which is the Rosetta Stone! Seeing the Egyptian Hieroglyphs in person was really incredible, and it made me think about the different ways that people could communicate through writing/symbols.

Everyone is familiar with the playwright Shakespeare, and it was really cool to walk by Shakespeare’s Globe, which is not very far from where the original theater once stood! We also happened to walk by a colorful mural of him which I loved! On our final day of the trip, we saw a few more important landmarks, and of course my family had to buy a couple souvenirs from the gift shops! We saw Tower Bridge and also London Bridge, which both cross over the River Thames. Up until this point, I had yet to try fish and chips, and as cliché as it sounds, I didn’t want to leave without having it! This was one of my last meals in the UK.

A few of my family members and me standing in front of Tower Bridge

The next day, we were off to Heathrow, catching our flight to head back home to the US! I was so sad to leave because I had such a wonderful time on this trip! Now, I have all of the happy memories to look back on through photos, videos, and stories.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my trip to the UK! I know that many of us really miss traveling right now, but I truly believe that sometime very soon, we will all be able to see more of this beautiful world again! Thank you for reading!

Can’t forget the classic phone booth photo:

London, England

My Trip To Hawaii

In June of 2016, my family and I were off to Hawaii! This was another very memorable trip for us, and I got to cross a few things off of my bucket list while we were there! I have been reminiscing on past vacations since summer time is upon us and that is usually when we do our traveling! Today, I wanted to talk about this trip with you all. I am sharing this story by memory (and with the help of photos). All of the photos I share with you were taken by myself or a family member.

I remember that the flight was a pretty long one. We actually had a layover in Arizona, and then we flew straight to the beautiful island of Kauai (The Garden Island). I believe that the flight from Arizona to Kauai was 9 hours. I was so excited to go on a tropical vacation. Hawaii is one of those places that everyone dreams of going to, and I was and still am so grateful that I had the chance to go.

Kauai is very dreamy and beautiful, and even though we went around June, the island was not really crowded with tourists. This island is definitely less touristy than some of the others!

We stayed in the cutest Airbnb right by the water. The décor was tropical, and my favorite part was the balcony that looked off at the pool, and behind it, the ocean. Waiting for us on the table was a lei and a note from the owners. I loved the beautiful plumeria flowers that we would always see in Hawaii. We didn’t do much that first day because we were pretty tired, but we were looking forward to our 2 weeks of relaxation and exploration.

The view from our Airbnb in Kauai

One of the things I remember hearing about Hawaii was that it is extremely humid, and while I did feel the humidity, it wasn’t terrible (though my frizzy hair may have said otherwise). The weather was so beautiful on this trip. Every day was sunny and 80 degrees, and it really only rained while we were sleeping. I love sunny days and I am not a fan of rain, so I was happy!

On our first day, we all put on our bathing suits and drove down the road to the beach. The water was a stunning turquoise blue, and the weather was perfect. Poipu Beach was where we spent a lot of our time on this trip. When we drove around the island, we stopped a couple times to take some photos. We often saw beautiful waterfalls that would seemingly come out of nowhere.

Poipu Beach, Kauai

We spent most of our days relaxing by the water. When we weren’t at the beach, we would be hiking, swimming in the pool, exploring the island, and trying new restaurants. I remember that one of my favorite places was called “Bubba Burgers”. I still think that these may have been the best burgers I have ever tried! I tried some great seafood, and I often ordered my favorite dish: pasta (doesn’t matter where I travel, I always look for pasta on the menu)! I also had some white pineapple which was so delicious!

We went on a few intense hikes on this trip! One of the biggest ones was at Waimea Canyon State Park.  I reffered back to my Instagram post where I called it, “the craziest hike of my life”. To some people I’m sure this was not the case, but I guess at the time I felt that it was intense! We walked by some cliffs which terrified me, and I remember falling on my butt a couple of times as well! By the end of the hike, we were dirty and sweaty, but I didn’t care too much because the view was absolutely stunning.

Waimea Canyon, Kauai

We also hiked some of the Kalalau Trail. This trail is very famous and it is, get this… 22 miles long (roundtrip)! We did not get that far, but what we did see was still beautiful. We stopped at an area that looked like a small beach. I can’t imagine hiking that long, but I’m sure the view at the end would have been amazing!

From our hike on the Kalalau Trail, Kauai

One of the highlights from this trip was a boat ride we took along the Na Pali coast. Kauai is not as big as some of the other islands in Hawaii, so we rode from one end to the other. We had so much fun, and tour guide was able to show us some gorgeous views. We were on a speed boat, so the wind was blowing and I remember laughing most of the time. We even saw a few beautiful rainbows through the waterfalls.

The Na Pali coast, Kauai

One of my favorite parts of the trip was seeing the wildlife. We were able to see Hawaiian Monk Seals pretty much every day. They would come up to the shore to sleep on the sand. Of course, we couldn’t get too close to them because we didn’t want to bother them, but they were adorable! On one day in particular, we put on some goggles and brought a waterproof camera out to the beach with us. Everyone spotted a baby seal with its mother, and a sea turtle, and I got to swim very close to them! It was truly incredible.

A Hawaiian Monk Seal, Kauai
A Hawaiian Sea Turtle, Kauai

Another highlight from this trip was when my family and I went on an ATV tour at Kipu Ranch. We went in 2 separate ATV’s and we followed a tour guide with other tourists. We would drive for a bit, and then stop to take photos and talk about the island. Although I’ve never seen “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”, or “Jurassic World”, our tour guide told us that they filmed these movies on the island.

Our ATV Tour at Kipu Ranch, Kauai

Toward the end of our trip, we were able to see a luau. This is something that I think everyone pictures when they think of Hawaii, so this was really cool to see in person!

The last major highlight from this trip was a really big surprise to us. I always wanted to fly in a helicopter and that’s exactly what we did! This was such an amazing experience. We flew with a company called Blue Hawaiian Helicopters. Our tour guide was very friendly and he knew a lot about the island. The views were absolutely gorgeous, and for someone who is fearful of heights, I was surprisingly not scared. We were able to have the tour recorded, so we can always watch it back and remember this amazing moment.

From our helicopter tour of Kauai

I am always so very grateful that I am able to travel the world with my family. Being with my family makes me incredibly happy, and when we travel, we get to experience something new and exciting together, making it even better. I am hoping that we can travel again soon, however our health and the health of those around is much more important, especially right now.

For now, I’ll be dreaming of traveling again. Until next time! Mahalo!

My Trip to Italy

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to talk about my family trip to Italy. In 2015, we packed our bags and traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to Italy. This trip was so memorable because it was my first time in Europe and although I was only 15, I remember almost everything about this vacation. (All of the photos that I am sharing with you were either taken by me or by one of my family members.)

When my family surprised us and told us that we would be going to Italy in June of 2015, we freaked out to say the least. We were so excited for many reasons, one of which was the fact that we had dreamed of going, and since half of my family is Italian, it was exciting to imagine that we would be going to the country that my ancestors were from. The plane ride was probably the longest I had ever been on. It took about nine hours for us to get to Italy, not including the two plane rides we had to take before the one to Italy.

Our plane landed in Rome, and we quickly got on a train to Venice (we were saving Rome for last). I remember we were exhausted when we arrived, but I felt wide awake due to the excitement and the view as soon as we stepped out of the train station. I will never forget what I saw and how I felt in that moment. I felt like I had traveled back in time, and that I wasn’t even on the same planet. The view was stunning, and I couldn’t believe what was in front of me.

Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy

We first had to find our hotel, which we had a bit of trouble with. In Venice, there are no cars, so we walked everywhere we went in the city. It took some time walking through narrow alleys, and crossing cute little bridges with all of our luggage. We finally found the hotel and it reminded us of a dollhouse. We had two separate rooms since my family is rather large. We had beautiful weather in Venice, and I believe that it was cooler here because we were by the water. I truly did feel like I was living in a movie or another world that I was just not at all familiar with.

We did some exploring, and one thing that stood out to me was the fact that there were so many giant cathedrals and they would come out of absolutely no where. We would turn a street corner and all of a sudden there was an incredibly beautiful cathedral right in front of us. I couldn’t believe the detail of these cathedrals, and I questioned how on earth anyone could have built this. It also made me compare the architecture to that of America.

Venice, Italy

In Venice, we walked through Piazza San Marco, and at night it was lit up with bright yellow lights. I found myself getting pictures of every little thing that I saw in every city. I remember taking a photo with my older sister at Piazza San Marco, and I laughed because it looked like we photoshopped ourselves into the picture! My family decided to go on a gondola ride which was one of the highlights of the trip. That is something that many people dream of doing if they were to travel to Italy, so it was really incredible to experience it.

My family and I on a gondola in Venice, Italy.

Of course, we had to try pizza, pasta, and gelato (we ate gelato most nights and I was in heaven). I remember feeling nervous about having to communicate with the locals, but I believe many of them spoke English, at least in the cities that we traveled to. One of my favorite things about traveling is being around different people from all over the world. Hearing new languages and seeing how other people live their lives always fascinates me.

Our next stop was Pisa, where we were able to see The Leaning Tower of Pisa in the Campo dei Miracoli (or The Square/Field of Miracles). Once again, we turned a corner and there was the leaning tower, along with the three other buildings in the complex. We got a family photo in front of the tower, and we ate lunch at a small pizza place close by. The pizza in Pisa was probably the best pizza that I tried while in Italy (it’s always the small corner restaurants that do it best)!

The Leaning Tower of Pisa
Pisa, Italy

Next up was Florence. We got to see the Florence Cathedral which is one of Italy’s largest, and yet again, the detail amazed me. After seeing Florence, we traveled to the coast and spent some time in Sorrento, and it was beautiful. Right across the water, we could see Naples, which is where my Grandma’s family is from. We then took a train to Pompeii and we were able to walk through the ruins of Pompeii and see some of the old artifacts. We also walked up Mount Vesuvius which erupted in 79 AD, ultimately causing the destruction of Pompeii.

Florence, Italy
Florence, Italy

Our next stop was Amalfi, which was one of my favorite cities that we went to. Our hotel in the Amalfi Coast was gorgeous. Both of our rooms had a balcony; one with a view of the water, and one with a view of a cathedral. When I woke in the mornings, the sun was shining through the windows of the balcony, music was playing, and I could hear the crowd of people walking around below me. We also spent some time swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, and when we would turn around, we would see all of the colorful buildings sitting on the cliffs.

My siblings and I swimming in the Mediterranean Sea.
Amalfi, Italy

Our final stop on this trip was of course Rome. I was so excited to be in this city because I had dreamed about it for so long. It was incredibly hot when we arrived, but I didn’t let the heat ruin my time. We waited in a very long line in front of the Vatican in Vatican City to walk through the cathedral. The Pope was there the same day, and he spoke to the crowd. When we walked in, I just could not believe everything I saw. There was so much detail, even on the ceilings. This had to be one of the most beautiful cathedrals I have ever seen to date.

We went to see the Trevi Fountain, and although it was under construction at the time, I still tossed a euro and made a wish! On our last day, we got to see the Colosseum. We walked up a long road full of vendors and we stopped to eat some fresh fruit on the way. The entire time we were walking, the Colosseum was in sight. There were crowds of people waiting to get in, and we somehow got lucky, and we were able to skip most of the line! As we walked around, we saw old artifacts and I thought about the history of the Colosseum. We took a family photo, and this concluded our amazing trip.

Me standing in front of the Colosseum.
Rome, Italy

Whenever I travel somewhere new, I am always fascinated by what I see (especially when traveling outside of America). I always think to myself how amazing it would be to live in a place like Italy. The fact that people may walk by the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa every day, amazes me. The people who live in Paris may walk by the Eiffel Tower every day. The people who live in London may walk by Big Ben every day. Tourists may stop to take photos and get in the local’s way. I think that sometimes we forget to appreciate what surrounds us. I do not live anywhere glamorous, but when I travel I get to leave my home and explore and appreciate new places. Italy stole my heart the second I walked out of that train station, and if I could go back every year, I would. I know I’ll go back one day.

Thank you for reading. Italy will always have a special place in my heart. I will never forget this trip. Leave me a comment below and tell me about your favorite vacation, or your favorite place in the world, whether it is in your city, or all the way across the world.

Cruise Do’s and Don’ts

The Norwegian Jewel

This past Summer, I went on a cruise to Alaska with my family. I’m definitely not a cruise expert (it was only my first cruise) but I discovered certain things about cruising that may be useful to you or someone you know!

DO: order an appetizer and a dessert (if it’s included, you might as well)!

DON’T: only eat at the buffet. There are multiple restaurants that may be included, so check them out! Although the buffet can be great because it has a variety of foods, try heading over to one of the restaurants! (Just be careful about how much you’re eating. Sometimes I didn’t even realize that I was eating when I wasn’t even that hungry!)

DO: talk to people! It may not be too often that you get to go on a cruise, or maybe it is! Either way, try to meet new people. I met someone who works in a field very similar to my college major and he gave me helpful advice. Another man that my family spoke to had really incredible stories to tell, and he was traveling alone.

DON’T: be the person who hogs the Jacuzzi (we were very lucky to get in there once)!

DO: pack accordingly. If you’re on a Caribbean cruise, packing for this trip may be fairly easy. However, if you’re heading to Alaska, LAYERING is my best tip.

DON’T: be the person who ruins dinner. On our cruise, there was a restaurant that we went to where there was a dress code. Before you even leave for your trip, make sure to pack an outfit for a fancy dinner night.

DO: remember to check with your cell phone carrier for information and rates if you’re not buying a Wi-Fi package on board.

DON’T: stay on the boat and sleep all day when you stop at a port. GO explore! See what’s out there. For my family, if you stayed on the boat to sleep you were 100% getting left behind, so go! You may never get another chance!

DO: plan excursions ahead of time. It can be more expensive to plan an excursion while on the boat, so pre-planning is always a good idea! Or, do what my family did, and plan your own adventures (in advance of course)! We were able to go whale watching and hiking and we did it on our own time. Just make sure you are back at the boat on time!

DON’T: forget sunscreen! I guess I thought that I wouldn’t need to wear too much sunscreen in Alaska. Needless to say, I was wrong! I only wore it a couple of times, but a few of my family members, myself included, got a bit sunburned on this trip!

DO: attend as many raffles and events as you can! My sister and I attended a girl’s spa day event where we got to do our own facials for free and get tips from the experts! We also went to the theater almost every night and we went to check out the clubs on board as well!

DON’T: forget your cruise card. You will need to use it as ID, to get on and off the boat, to make reservations, to make purchases, and it is your room key, so DON’T lose it! Keep it on you at all times!

DO: be polite to the cruise staff members.

And lastly…

DON’T: leave anything on the boat. I left a hair straightener in our room, and my Mom was not too happy with me. Double check your room before you go!

Thank you for reading! I hope that you found some of these do’s and don’ts helpful for your next cruise! Leave me a comment below and tell me if you’ve ever been on a cruise and where you went, or where you would want to go!